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Discord is a voice and text chat application that allows anyone to create a hosted server. We use one such server as the primary hub of communication for Isaac racing and speedrunning.

Join the Isaac racing Discord server

Contact Staff

Staff can be contacted via private message on the Isaac racing Discord server.

  • Zamiel — Programmer & Admin
  • Gamonymous — Assistant Programmer

The Races

Racing+ allows you to do several types of races. And you can race either by yourself, or with other people. The different race formats are listed on GitHub.

The Mod

The Racing+ Lua mod fixes many bugs that remain unpatched in the vanilla game. It also introduces some small balance changes. All of the changes are listed on GitHub.

One other major feature of the Racing+ mod is that it facilitates different kinds of multi-character speedruns by implementing custom challenges. You can read about them on GitHub.

You might also be interested in the version history.

Additionally, there is also a list of known bugs with the mod.

Client Hotkeys

A (G) indicates a global hotkey — you can use global hotkeys even when Racing+ is not the active program.

  • Alt + 1 — Focus the Isaac game window (G).
  • Alt + 2 — Focus the Racing+ window (G).
  • Alt + B — Launch The Binding of Isaac: Repentance (G).
  • Alt + E — Create a new race.
  • Alt + S — Open the settings window.
  • Alt + R — Ready up for a race (G).
  • Alt + F — Finish a race (only in "Custom" races) (G).
  • Alt + Q — Quit the current race (G).
  • Alt + L — Return to the lobby.

Client Commands

  • /p [recipient] [message] — Send a private message. You can also use /pm, /m, /msg, /w, /whisper, /t, or /tell.
  • /r — Reply to the last private message.
  • /restart — Restart the client.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between ranked and unranked?

  • All multiplayer races are ranked in that the results will feed into the leaderboards. There is a separate multiplayer leaderboard for seeded, unseeded, and diversity.
  • For solo races, you have the option between "Unranked" and "Ranked". Think of unranked as a practice mode.

What does Racing+ do when it starts up?

  • It checks to make sure you have at least one fully unlocked save file.
  • It checks to make sure your Racing+ Lua mod is not corrupted, since Steam is not good at keeping it in sync with the latest version. If you do not have the Racing+ Lua mod at all, then it will skip this part.

Is it possible to use Racing+ to race without any mods?
Is it possible to use Racing+ with a custom mod or multiple mods?

Yes. Perform the following steps:

  • Open the Racing+ program and make sure you are in the lobby.
  • Go into the game's "Mods" menu and disable all mods (or enable only the custom mods that you want to play).
  • Exit the game and reopen it, which ensures that all of the mods are loaded/unloaded correctly.
  • On the Racing+ program, create a new race with a format of "Custom".
  • Now, have your friends join the race. That's it!

Remember to communicate to everyone in the race which mods are to be used and what the rules are.

Where does Racing+ get installed to?
Where is the log file located?

The mod gets installed (via Steam) to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\mods\racing+_857628390

The client gets installed to:


The client settings are stored in:


There are two log files, which are located at:



What do I do if the mod doesn't seem to be working correctly in-game?

Sometimes, after an update, Steam can download a corrupted version of the mod. If you launch the client and are able to get to the lobby, the client should automatically heal a corrupted mod.

If you try that and it does not work, exit the Game, exit Steam, delete the mod directory located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\mods\racing+_857628390\

And delete the cached mod directory, which is located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\250900\857628390\

Then, open Steam, wait for the Steam download progress bar to complete, and then launch Isaac.

How do I fix the bug where I start with an extra random item at the beginning of every run?

This doesn't have anything to do with Racing+. It is actually a bug with Eden's Blessing in the vanilla game. To fix it:

  • Disable all mods.
  • Exit the game.
  • Open the game.
  • Enter a run with no easter eggs or seeds.
  • Hold R to reset once.
  • Go back to the main menu and re-enable mods.
  • Exit the game.
  • Open the game.

After that, the bug should be fixed.

What do I do if the client won't let me click the "Ready" button?

In-game, the Racing+ icon below the key count will turn green when it is connected to the Racing+ client. (Normally, this icon will be blue.) If the icon is currently blue, then you will never be able to click ready in the client.

Once the Racing+ client is open and you are in the lobby, you should be able to restart the game (by holding the R button) in order to turn the icon from blue to green. If this does not work, then restart your computer and try again.

If that still does not fix the problem, check to see if the "--luadebug" launch flag is enabled. See the instructions on the wiki for more details.

If that is properly set, then your Isaac installation could be corrupted. Open up your Isaac "log.txt" file, which is located here by default:

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Repentance\log.txt

Search for the word "error". If you see something like this:

[INFO] - Running Lua Script: resources/scripts/main.lua
[INFO] - ERR: cannot open resources/scripts/main.lua: No such file or directory
[INFO] - There was an error running the lua file: resources/scripts/main.lua

This means that certain files are missing in your resources folder that are necessary for mods to run. Completely nuke your Isaac installation, ensure that all of the files are deleted, and then reinstall.

How do I change my username?

Once you sign up with a username, you can't change it. If you really, really need to change your username, contact an administrator.

When will Racing+ be out of beta?

When it has achievements and all of the feature additions that I am planning.

My favorite emote doesn't work in the chat. Can you add it?

Yes. Send it to an administrator on Discord.


The following people deserve special recognition. Contributors are listed in chronological order.

  • Gromfalloon — The excellent artist who designed the artwork for the Racing+ logo.
  • Chronometrics — A speedrunner who helped with programming and Lua problem solving. He also makes and continues to support Basement Renovator.
  • SedNegi — A speedrunner who helped translate the text to French and provide voice acting.
  • Matrefeytontias — A modder who helped with the creation of the in-game graphics.
  • Blade — A modder who helped with reverse engineering the game to derive formulas for how items work, provided code for the Lua mod, and other helpful things.
  • Dan — A modder who created the Fogless! mod, which is included with the Racing+ Lua mod.
  • RatRacing — A speedrunner who originally created the starting room graphic.
  • birdie0 — A speedrunner who worked on the starting room graphic and helped with bug reporting.
  • sillypears — A speedrunner who helped with bug reporting and helped code most of the website.
  • InvaderTim — A speedrunner who helped code the Racing+ client.
  • Ghostbroster — A modder who created the Samael character, which is included in Racing+.
  • piber20 — A modder who created the Unique Card Backs mod, the Holy Mantle Health Indicator mod, the Angel Light Tweaks mod, and the Unique Pickup Appearances mod, part of which are included in Racing+.
  • O_o — A modder who created the Trinket Outlines mod, part of which is included in Racing+.
  • DeadInfinity — A modder who created the Jr. Fetus boss, who is included in the R+7 Season 3 custom challenge.
  • melon goodposter — A modder who created the Mahalath boss, who is included in the R+7 Season 3 custom challenge.
  • BlorengeRhymes — A modder who created some of the custom Devil Rooms and Angel Rooms in Racing+.